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What is the CBT (Competency Based Training) and CBA (Competency Based Assesment) system and why has it been adopted by AMREY TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA? CBT - (Competency Based Training) is a way of training that concentrates on what a worker can do or is required to do at work. The aim is of the training is to enable trainees to perform tasks and duties at a standard expected by employers. CBT seeks to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes (or recognise the ones the trainee already possesses) to achieve the required competency standard.

Things I Can Do

AMREY TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA has adopted the CBT/CBA training system as it is able to produce the type of worker that industry is looking for and this therefore increases trainees’ chances of obtaining employment.

A Few Accomplishments

CBA involves collecting evidence and making a judgement of the extent to which a worker can perform his/her duties at the required competency standard. Where a trainee can already demonstrate a degree of competency, either due to prior training or work experience, a process of ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL) is available to trainees to recognise this. Please speak to your trainer about RPL if you think this applies to you.

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